Donald Trump Does Something Okay for Once, Reverses Trans Woman's Disqualification From Pageant

Human sandpaper Donald Trump has done something okay for once by reversing Miss Universe Canada's abrupt decision to kick contestant Jenna Talackova out of the pageant for being a transgender woman. Of course, Trump's overruling follows Ms. Talackova's move to lawyer up and hire none other than legal fishwife Gloria Allred, making it safe to assume that his decision allowing her to compete has more to do with avoiding negative branding and losing money than it does his heart growing three sizes. Still, progress is progress — rules for all Miss Universe pageants are now being reviewed and edited to reflect the laws of gender pertaining to the country where the contest is taking place and might be changed overall to allow transgender women to compete across the board. Good! All women, no matter how they were born, should have the right to contend in super stupid contests.


Donald Trump Has Words for Transgender Miss Universe Contestant [GMA]



I wish I was a transgender woman... all the benefits of being smart and beautiful, without the uterus to make me fodder for political pandering...