Having posted our occasional Hollywood casting-roundup yesterday evening (and it being the morning and all) our eyes glazed over when we spotted the word "Trump" in a headline in Daily Variety today. But thank god we took a closer look! It looks like Donald Trump was so inspired after saving onetime Miss USA Tara Conner from herself that he's now developing a reality show with Fox called "Lady Or A Tramp, "in which girls in love with the party life will be sent to a charm school." Over the course of the series, reports the trade paper, the young women will be "required to wear tweed skirts and pearl necklaces, and taught the finer points of skills like flower arranging and needlework"; in addition, Trump himself will probably make periodic appearances to "evaluate" the contestants' progress. We've been meaning to say this for a long time (and it's been said better by Rosie O'Donnell) but you know what? Fuck Donald Trump.

This guy thinks he has any authority with regards to what constitutes mature behavior? Or women in general? Yeah, his daughter Ivanka turned out okay, but every time this blowhard has something negative to say about a woman, he invariably insults her physical appearance, femininity or personality. And of course, it's the opposite when he likes a woman, such as his own daughter, whose physical attributes he recently waxed poetic over. You know, as opposed to her fucking .
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