If you haven't already had your vine-printed chiffon cocktail dress steamed, your case of gin and rye whiskey ordered, and your Mad Men masks printed out in preparation for the agonizingly-long-time-coming two-hour season 5 premiere, then you'd better get cracking. Here's what you need to do to prep for the big night:

  1. Send out your invites, embedded with the official Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce logo.
  2. Choose your poison. Approved cocktails include Stingers, Blue Hawaiians and Gimlets. Not recommended: Cosmos. Wrong show.
  3. Decorate. Think tiki bar littered with vintage mags.
  4. Dress up. When else will you be able to acceptably wear a hostess apron over a pair of clamdiggers?

And then you'll be ready for the two hours of sex, betrayal, corporate intrigue, and truly indulgent 1960s style and culture that is the Season 5 of Mad Men premiere. Party at 8, show at 9/8 c, on—where else?—AMC.

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