Dominique Strauss-Kahn Finally Gets Dumped by His Wife

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It appears that Dominique Strauss-Kahn's wife has had enough of standing by her man—it's being reported that she tossed DSK out of their apartment in Paris about a month ago and they are now living separately. Anne Sinclair, who is a journalist and wealthy heiress, has been married to DSK for 20 years. It's possible that she has long known about his philandering and allegedly criminal sexual habits, but she's endured a rather public revelation of all of her husband's dirty secrets in the year since he was accused of raping a maid in a Manhattan hotel. In that time, his job as the head of the IMF disappeared, as did his shot at becoming the President of France, and now he's also being investigated on charges that he was involved in a prostitution ring in France. DSK is apparently very broken up about their split. An acquaintance who recently saw him says, "He's in a bad way. It's very sad. He's mostly just at home on his own while Anne is out and about with her new job. He's shunned by everybody." It's hard to feel too sorry for him, really, since he perhaps should have thought about these consequences before he cheated on his wife and got (allegedly) involved in sexual assaults and prostitution rings.

France's Strauss-Kahn, wife have separated: media [Reuters]

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Yeah sure 'he's sitting at home on his own'. If he'd been able to do that to begin with then he wouldn't have had a slew of scandals under his belt. Pun intended.