Dominican Republic Makes Abortion Illegal, No Exceptions • Australian Brothels Offer Senior Discounts

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The Dominican Republic has joined a small group of countries that Constitutionally prohibit abortion, with no exceptions for health-related cases. The ban was issued with support of President Leonel Fernandez and the Catholic Church. •


• October 4-11 is Seniors Week in Australia. To celebrate, brothels aligned with Australian Adult Entertainment will offer discounted services to anyone with a seniors' discount card. Wonder if they also offer an early bird special. • According to new research, although women think they don't sleep as well as men, we actually get more sleep on average and are more likely to sleep through the night. They also found that women tend to require more sleep than men. • A recent study found that breast milk changes in composition throughout the day, and milk collected at night has a higher concentration of sleep-inducing nucleotides. "This made us realize that milk induces sleep in babies," said the lead researcher on the team. • A 21-year-old girl from India disarmed a terrorist leader who had broken into her family's farm house and demanded food and beds for his group of Pakistani militants. After the man attacked her father, she ran out from her hiding place and hit him with an axe, grabbed his AK47 and shot him dead. • Afghanistan is likely to pass the Elimination of Violence Against Women Act, which will allow wives to prosecute their husbands for abuse. But courts hold little power in Afghanistan, and the bill has already been weakened by police and others who insisted its punishments for men be lessened. • John McCain says he's looking forward to reading the part of Sarah Palin's life story where "her selection put us ahead in the polls," but not the part about "disagreements that took place within the campaign." • A new female condom, which costs 30% less than previous versions, will hit Washington-area CVS stores in December. • Elizabeth Smart says her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell raped her daily, and that he was "evil, wicked, manipulative, stinky, slimy, selfish, not spiritual, not religious, not close to God." • Harlan Drake, alleged killer of anti-abortion protester James Pouillon, has been judged incompetent to stand trial, but a judge says that he will likely be competent if he completes treatment. • The person responsible for a Facebook poll asking "should Obama be killed?" turns out to be a child — no charges will be filed against him or his parents. • Women age 35-49 download and listen to more music than any other group, according to new data. Women of all ages were found to visit music websites more often than men. •



Dominican Republic,

What if we know the fetus is a girl? Can't we abort it then, or are you going to wait for her to be born before not caring about her?