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Dominic West Is Pretty Sure That Was Idris Elba's Penis in That Photo

Illustration for article titled Dominic West Is Pretty Sure That Was Idris Elbas Penis in That Photo

Dominic West is just as curious about Idris Elba’s maybe it is, maybe it isn't penis photo as we are. He even talked about it at great length (heh … ) in an interview. Of course Elba says the bump in the photo is just a microphone cord. OK, Idris.


In New York magazine, West, who played Detective McNulty on The Wire with Elba and now is in The Affair alongside Ruth Wilson, who acted with Elba on Luther as murderess Alice, chatted about his former colleague. When asked if he’d talked about Elba with Wilson, he immediately switched the conversation to more important things:

Have you traded stories about Idris Elba? Luther to her, Stringer Bell to you.

Have you seen the photos online?

Which ones?

He’s been photographed on a set and there’s a question as to what the thing in his trousers is.

Oh, those photos. Somewhere, Jon Hamm is cheering that it’s not him this time.

I think he said on Twitter it was a microphone [Editor’s note: Elba said it was a mike wire], but our sound girl on The Affair was pouring over this photo all night and has pronounced that there’s no microphone that looks like that.

Well, okay then! So you and Ruth have it settled.

Oh, yeah, we were literally looking at it just now. We both tried valiantly to pursue what was in his trousers.


Noted. Yet another reason men everywhere are sorry they aren't Idris Elba.

Image via Bafta's website.

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