Domestic violence charges against Hope Solo have been dropped. The soccer star was initially charged with fourth-degree assault for allegedly attacking her half-sister and nephew. She was set to go to trial next week, but a judge dismissed the charges on Tuesday.


Solo said in a statement, "I always had faith that once the facts of the case were presented, I would be cleared of all charges and I am so happy and relieved to finally have it all behind me." ESPN reports:

Solo's lawyer, Todd Maybrown, sought to have the charges dismissed on the grounds that the alleged victims refused to be interviewed about the case.

At a hearing last week, the judge renewed an order for a deposition after Solo's nephew and half-sister failed to appear for interviews.

Prosecutors had said the pair didn't appear because they weren't served with subpoenas and there wasn't adequate time to notify them, given the New Year's Day holiday.


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