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Dog's Face Says "I've Made a Huge Mistake" Right Before Falling on Kid

You know that moment right when you stop thinking what you're doing is really cool and suddenly realize what you're doing is actually a really, really bad idea? This dog is having one of those moments.


Filmed in beautiful slow motion, the look on this dog's face really says it all. The dog is having a blast jumping and catching bubbles until realizing that things are about to end terribly. In a second it goes from "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST" to "OH NO NO NO HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS NOOOOOOO!" We have all been this dog at one point in our lives. I'm sure I've made that face a few times during my rich and rewarding life. (Yes, and everyone's fine, no one was sent to the pound/an orphanage because of this beautiful jumping dog fail.)

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What slays me about this is that the dog is so obviously upset that he's going to land on his tiny human. Like, they really do love us humans! Sniff. Makes me tear up.

(It's been a very long first full week back after the holidays and I've been drinking wine and dancing by myself all evening. I am not entirely responsible for my posts as of now.)