If you thought the nail art trend for humans was getting out of hand, what with duckfeet and all, then you'll really be unhappy to learn that people are getting all artsy on their dogs' nails too. (Obviously they're not doing this to cats because, hah, like any cat is dumb enough to let you paint the logo of your favorite sports team onto its deadly claws.) Sure, we've seen painted pup nails before, but these complicated patterns are taking it to a whole new, unfortunate level. First of all, there's the fact that dogs don't know or care that they have flowers painted on their nails, but, more importantly, most of this so-called art just makes it look from afar like the dog is suffering from some kind of frightening nail disease. Think what pink leopard print nails will do to Fluffy's reputation at the dog park and just say no.

[Warren London via Buzzfeed]