Dog Rescued from Certain Death in Trash Is True Holiday Miracle

Here is the story of a dog rescued by a man who went to check up on her a year later.

Los Angeles resident Eldad Hagar found a white husky left for dead and managed to save her from certain death. The LAist has the story that will definitely make you cry buckets of tears this morning:

When Eldad Hagar of Los Angeles animal rescue nonprofit Hope for Paws found Miley, a white Husky, she was skin and bones and her skin was raw from mange. He said she slept for three whole days after he took her in for treatment.


Four months after her rescue, Miley was adopted into a home in SoCal where she now roughhouses on hardwood floors and hangs out by a pool.


Hagar said it was such a profound evolution in Miley's condition and it happened rather quickly. "Ten days later, it's a whole different dog," he said. If this isn't a Christmas miracle, then I have no idea what the hell is.

For more information, visit Hope for Paws.

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