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It is our personal belief that there are no ugly dogs (or cats) just ugly people, and Hubble a.k.a. "Britain's ugliest dog" is no exception to that rule. Hubble has parts of his nose and mouth missing as a result of an injury during his puppy days. Animal rescue workers found him abandoned by his owners and tied up to a tree in the woods, presumably because of his imperfect looks. Shelter workers are currently looking for a loving home for Hubble, who they say has a great personality and loves being the center of attention. UK ladies, help a fellow out! [Daily Mail]

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Proving again that the idea that humans are at the top of the animal is a fluke.

Hubble is cute and i hope he finds a home.

I have other, less happy hopes for the pathetic people who sentenced him to death rather than find a shelet/home for Hubble.