Dog and His Owner Save Girl From Sex Attack

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Today's heroic duo is Chicago resident Agustin Zamora Jr. and his pal Scooby, a 160-pound Great Dane, who helped nab a man suspected of attacking a 14-year-old girl. The suspect's been charged with attempted criminal sexual assault. Nice work, guys!

After spotting the girl being attacked in a neighboring yard and hearing her cry for help, Zamora called for Scooby to provide back-up. Together they chased the suspect down a street—cornering the man in an alley. Being gigantic and all, Scooby was able to intimidate the man with his size and growl while police rushed to the scene, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Image brianna.lehman/via Flickr. (BTW, that's not Scooby himself, but a copyright-compliant facsimile.)

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Oh my lord, they need to make a TV show about this right now. It's SVU meets Animal Planet and I would totally watch it.