Dog and Cheetah Are Furry Adorable Besties

Kasi and Mtani are a cheetah and dog living at Busch Gardens in Florida, where they are now celebrating the one year anniversary of their friendship. The relationship between the animals started when they were both less than 16 weeks old, and their adorable relationship is a result of a labored effort by park staff to slowly acclimate the two to one another in the hopes of building a lifelong fondness between the two. As of now, they are officially roommates in the cheetah run, where they spend their days exercising and playing like an extra vicious Milo and Otis.


Baby Cheetah Vs. Puppy Pal [Unique Daily]

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Rubber Jeni Talia

So this program is called "Cheetah Hunt" I see...

That's an...interesting choice of words?