Does This Photo of Oscar Isaac Eating Cheetos Still Make You Want to Sex-Bang Him, Y or N

Here’s proof that Oscar Isaac is sex-bangable in any situation.

Let’s observe the important points and/or facts we can glean from this presumed photo of the actor, pictured below, which was tweeted from the fan account @oscarisaacposts on March 19.


Exhibit A: Oscar eating Hot Cheetos with chopsticks.

Exhibit B: Some Hot Cheetos dust is probably lining the edge of Oscar’s Borat-stache, but do you care?


Exhibit C: No, you don’t care.

Exhibit D: You might at first think that Oscar is either purposely whimsical or utterly stoned, but really, discern the orange tips of said chopsticks, and the lack of said Cheetos dust on his fingertips.

Exhibit E: He’s only being considerate, making sure that the remnants of his snack don’t get on the furniture, or accidentally stain the clothes you imagine him ripping off your body right after he puts down those chopsticks.

Exhibit F: Did I mention this fan art?

Exhibit G: We already like Oscar’s personality and progressivism, which makes him sexy for more things than his face or body or Cheetos or chopsticks.


Exhibit H: Who doesn’t like Hot Cheetos, anyway?

Final verdict: do you really have to ask?

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Chopsticks! I usually eat Cheetos with a fork but chopsticks are a much better idea.

Oh Oscar Isaac, is there anything you can’t do?