Sexual tallies are simple, yet complicated. Because "the number" can color the way someone thinks about you — and the way you think about your partner. In today's Guardian, Kira Cochrane asks: "Just why are we so interested in the number of sexual partners that someone has had?" Relationship expert Tracey Cox thinks the "number question" is pointless, "because it takes out the emotion, and it takes out the circumstance. And... people lie. Men multiply the number by two, while women divide it by three. Women tend to attach more emotional significance to sex, and so we might not remember one-night stands, or relationships that weren't significant. If the sex wasn't significant, we won't remember it." And while you may think a guy shouldn't care how many other men you've slept with, consider 23-year-old Nicola Appleton, whose boyfriend, 24-year-old Joel Ross, recently told her he'd slept with 63 women.

Nicola says, "I was worried he might find me inadequate," but "being with someone with so much experience has its perks. He's by far the best lover I've ever had."

So what is it about "the number"? Do you feel the same way about a 40-year-old virgin as you do about the 18-year-old girl who has slept with 50 men? Is it weird if a guy has had fewer partners than you have? And if you liked someone, and then found out he'd been with 63 women — or more — would it change the way you felt about him?

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