Does 'Teen Vogue' Editor Amy Astley Let Anna Wintour Sign Her Name For Her?

In September 2000 Amy Astley, then a beauty editor at Vogue, wrote a story about saying "ciao to hanging hair" and cutting a "chic, sleek bob." Know any other editor with a chic, sleek bob, folks? In short, Amy — now the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue — takes her hairstyle cues from Anna Wintour, which is appropriate for someone who's invariably described by people close to and at arms-length from her as a more of a "figurehead" than an actual editor. (Another oft-used description: "bitch.") As the great helmswoman of the Vogue megabrand, Wintour essentially calls the shots at Astley's magazine, from cover subjects to "strategic direction," leaving Astley to go about the important business of pretending she runs the magazine for the sake of viewers of The Hills. So perhaps Wintour also signs Astley's name for her! After all, as graphologist Sheila Kurtz puts it, Astley's "penmanship" suggests (improbably!) someone who would "go after [opportunity] without anyone else's OK."

This is a tiny sample, with hints rather than clues. The first impression is one of strong competence.

The 'm' form shows 'mountaintops' that signal a person who likes to gather information on her own.

Between the mountaintops is a distinct 'V' formation, the indication of a person who can deftly analyze matters and situations.

The connection between the A and the m is smooth and fluid. She can, if she chooses, express herself elegantly.

There may be a sign of personal initiative (where the first m-line heads downward and then breaks away upward). When an opportunity pops up, this writer will probably go after it without anyone else's OK or urging. The significant tent-like formation in the A and the m signals stubbornness. The writer will cling to what she believes in, right or wrong, long after she realizes that it's better to let loose.


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