Ever since Jenna Bush broke out of the soft bigotry of America's low expectations for her by nabbing a book deal to write the Latin American Diary of Anne Frank, the internerds have been speculating as to whether she'd make a political break with dad-supported rules banning the funding of abortion in Third World countries. So, with daddy a lamer than lame duck we scoured the databases for any signs that Social Justice Jenna might have experienced a political awakening, and GUESS WHAT WE FOUND?

As a reporter for the school newspaper during her junior year, Jenna Bush vented her indignation over the local police department's handling of a party that included underage drinking.

"Instead of confiscating the bunch of white kids with beers in their hands," she wrote, according to the Austin American-Statesman, "the cops headed directly for the only black person in sight."

And if staying sober enough at a high school kegger to witness police racism isn't proof of a social conscience, we don't know what is.

Still, the question remains, does she have the cojones (we would accent that, but unlike Social Justice Jenna we are not fluent in Spanish) to beat her lame duck dad while he's down? Well, why the heck d'ya think Our Lord And Savior created internet polls?


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