Does Religion Have A Place On The Catwalk?

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According to the Observer, a Christian modeling agency, called Models of Life has opened in the UK, hoping to combine religion and fashion and "to make people aware that modeling is about leading an exemplary life and exuding inner beauty."


The agency claims that it "aims to raise the standard of models to a new height: beauty achieved from the perfect balance and unity of spirit, mind, and physical body," and that promoting Christian values through the models on its roster is a way to promote a spiritual beauty of sorts, as well as a way to help models find their own inner beauty in an industry that is notoriously ugly to women. I suppose it's not entirely strange to consider that some models would be more comfortable working for an agency that fell in with their religious views, but I'm not quite sure how any agency is going to promote a religious viewpoint when their models are actually working, as the only statements models are typically allowed to make on the runway are those presented by the clothes they're given to wear.

Christian-based talent agencies, film distributors, and record labels are nothing new, but most people involved in such endeavors are putting out Christian material that is clearly aimed at a specific audience. Christian rock bands carry religious themes in their songs and often play to largely Christian crowds, and the same can be said of Christian films and Christian novels. Surely there are already many Christian models (and models of all religions) working today, but how the Christian model will promote religion while doing her job is yet to be seen, and it will be interesting to see how the agency secures high profile jobs and campaigns for their clients without compromising the values they seek to endorse.

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Considering Jesus went ape s**t on a market place in like 30 AD, I'm pretty sure he would not be cool with the opulence of the fashion industry. Also I don't appreciate equating "Christian values" with "inner beauty." I am an atheist; does that make me ugly on the inside?