Does Queen Elizabeth Keep a Jacked-Up Spitting Cup in Her Purse?

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Queens: they're just like us! The monarch's loyal subjects have been dying for a peek into 85-year-old Queen Elizabeth's classic Launer handbag for decades. But according to royal biographer Bedell Smith, the Queen's purse holds everyday items such as lipstick, a mirror, and a £5 note "to donate to the church collection on Sundays." (Sometimes she splurges as much as £10, if she's feeling really extravagant.) Smith says the purse also contains glasses, mint lozenges and a fountain pen, and that her ladies-in-waiting are responsible for other basics: extra gloves, needs and thread, etc. Seriously? There's not even a trashy romance novel or OK! Magazine stashed in there?

If you're bummed that the Queen doesn't have more exciting accessories, you might be happy to know that an anonymous dinner guest once spotted the Queen take a plastic suction cup out of her bag and "discreetly" spit into it. She then attached the cup, which had a hook on it, to the underside of the table. Then, she hung her purse on the whole contraption. Now that's worth a story.

Contents of Queen's handbag revealed: including £5 for church collection [The Telegraph]

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To be honest, the best part of sitting at any bar is the hooks on which to hang your purse. Apparently the Queen is also of this option and has decided to bring along spares for herself. Rock on Your Highness!