Is Miley Cyrus good for girls' body image? A new study shows that almost half of the characters on children's programs are at a "normal weight." Hm, I've seen the Miley & Mandy show (I know), and that girls is a total waif.• Crisis: Australia is currently beating America for the "fattest country" title, are we really going to let a commonwealth beat us at the American tradition of being obese? • The Hula Hoop turns 50! • A tragic story about a 10-year-old boy who killed himself after he grew self-concious about wearing women's underwear and make-up. • In WTF news: A British man is fined $2,000 after his dog goes pee in his front lawn. Where is the little doggie supposed to do her business? In the toilet? • Mentally ill defendants who are found competent enough to stand trial can be denied the right to represent themselves during a trial. • That potential First Lady who isn't Michelle Obama is doing charity work for Operation Smile in Vietnam. • Tehran opened their first "ladies only" park last month (barftastically called "Mothers' Paradise") which allows Iranian women to remove their headscarves while on the premises. • Woo! A new pillow to help snorers! Oh, wait, it costs $129, crap. • Celebrity name changes! Portia de Rossi used to be Amanda Lee Rogers, bleh, and Snoop Dogg is also known as Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. which sounds infinitely more bad-ass than "Snoop Dogg". • Jail staffers get their panties in a twist over having to stock women's underwear for transgendered male prisoners in juvie. Grow the fuck up, whiners.