Does Miley Cyrus Represent A "Normal Weight"? • Tehran Opens "Gals Only" Park

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Is Miley Cyrus good for girls' body image? A new study shows that almost half of the characters on children's programs are at a "normal weight." Hm, I've seen the Miley & Mandy show (I know), and that girls is a total waif.• Crisis: Australia is currently beating America for the "fattest country" title, are we really going to let a commonwealth beat us at the American tradition of being obese? • The Hula Hoop turns 50! • A tragic story about a 10-year-old boy who killed himself after he grew self-concious about wearing women's underwear and make-up. • In WTF news: A British man is fined $2,000 after his dog goes pee in his front lawn. Where is the little doggie supposed to do her business? In the toilet? • Mentally ill defendants who are found competent enough to stand trial can be denied the right to represent themselves during a trial. • That potential First Lady who isn't Michelle Obama is doing charity work for Operation Smile in Vietnam. • Tehran opened their first "ladies only" park last month (barftastically called "Mothers' Paradise") which allows Iranian women to remove their headscarves while on the premises. • Woo! A new pillow to help snorers! Oh, wait, it costs $129, crap. • Celebrity name changes! Portia de Rossi used to be Amanda Lee Rogers, bleh, and Snoop Dogg is also known as Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. which sounds infinitely more bad-ass than "Snoop Dogg". • Jail staffers get their panties in a twist over having to stock women's underwear for transgendered male prisoners in juvie. Grow the fuck up, whiners.


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First of all, you should be worshipped just for saying "built like black Tolkien elves". Me = Tolkien geek. That was awesome.

I think the real issue these days is of how different body types are judges (or that they're judged period). While it certainly sucks to be accused of having an easting disorders just because you're thin, studies have shown that heavier people are actively discriminated against in the workplace in a way their slimmer counterparts are not. They are associated by words like "stupid", "lazy", "mean", and others by children in studies based solely on how they look, and there is a general cultural assumption that they have less worth.

Mind you, that does not in any way excuse being derogatory about slim women. But overall, culturally, that body type fares better in terms of perception. The obesity epidemic is another example of that. Plenty of doctors -don't- think it exists, or feel that the BMI is such a terrible measure of body health that it's a mistake to be using it. But here we are...and doesn't "epidemic" sound dire?

I have had/do have an eating disorder, based primarily on being called fat and ugly and hideous when I was younger. And all I was was normal and had some body fat, but nothing in any way excessive. My doctors routinely tell me how healthy I am. But all I see in the mirror is "not a size 2" and I feel ashamed and worthless.

Anyway, my overall point is that I don't like any of the body judgment. Slim, heavy, in between (god, where has that idea even gone?)it should be about health.