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Does Mary-Louise Parker Think Someone Is A Spoiled Bad Actress?

Illustration for article titled Does Mary-Louise Parker Think iSomeone/i Is A Spoiled Bad Actress?
  • Mary-Lousie Parker was overheard ranting about some Weeds star's inflated sense of entitlement and crap acting abilities and for some reason everyone's pointing the finger at Mary-Kate Olsen. Think it's the similar names? [Gatecrasher]
  • Think this blind item about a "supposedly rehabbed" starlet with a with a weakness for minibar bottles is about Lindsay Lohan? Because Linds was photographed sucking face with three separate "Italian stallions" and the old "addict" Lindsay could have gotten away with being too fucked-up to realize they were different people but the new "sex addict" Lindsay has some 'splainin to do to poor Alessandro di Nunzio. [The Sun]
  • Speaking of makeouts, L.C. had a session with her childhood Laguna Beach buddy Stephen Colletti. Wow, that was well-timed to capitalize on rumors of former Colletti GF and L.C. rival Kristin Cavillari's joining the cast of The Hills, ya know? [US]
  • And speaking of Italian stallions, Ivana Trump is set to wed her barely-legal boytoy Rosanno Rubicondi in The Donald's Mar A Lago estate. [Gatecrasher]
  • John McEnroe's son threw a shitfit after getting rejected from the Pink Elephant before he "stumbled backward and fell into a pile of garbage bags." [Page Six
  • Madonna wants to adopt a child from Cambodia. God, what inspiring humanitarian gesture will she think of next. [The Sun]
  • Jenna Fisher wrote on her MySpace blog touting the full-frontal male nudity in her new movie Walk Hard and for some retarded reason none of the nineteen celebrity tabloids reporting this fact have taken the opportunity to make the triple-pun "Hard Sell," so I guess that responsibility falls upon me. [Page Six]
  • Yeah, and in that vein, Eve's eco-friendly rider: not so "ruff" on the environment. [Page Six]

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Chris Braak

@hortense: Yes!

Actually...and I don't know this for sure...what I understand happens is that, once a show becomes successful, there ends up being a lot of pressure on the show to remain successful. Producers and network guys start demanding the same kind of "safe" comedy/drama that they know has been successful in the past, so you end up with new episodes that are just hackneyed repeats of old episodes, or hackneyed repeats of episodes from other shows.

Read...there was a quote from the producer of Heroes, about why the second season of Heroes mostly sucked, and he said it was because he thought the audience was going to want the same kinds of things they got in the first season—introduction and backstory—so he was basically trying to make the first season again.

Once a lot of money gets involved, basically everything turns to shit.