Does Jeremy Scott Have an Adult Baby Fetish Or What

Jeremy Scott's latest collection for Fall Fashion Week, in which models were dressed like acidic Raggedy Anns and overalls were crafted in plasticky material that looked like the liner for a 1970s baby crib, raises the question: what the hell is even going on?


I do not actually care whether or not Jeremy Scott has an adult baby fetish because that is none of my business, but I do care that he is elevated among a certain set of actually-cool (not just like "cool") people around the world and mostly they will wear whatever he puts forth unto their local cool-person boutiques and/or personal stylists. I care even more when those cool people face a Fall 2015 in which they are dressing like a psychedelic late-'70s baby blanket.

In retrospect, this all makes a little more sense in context—Scott is, after all, the man who crafted a line of Adidas sneakers with stuffed animals on them, which grown men not only wore but chomp at the bit to get to. This collection is the next logical step in a pop-art fashion career that has, at times, leaned towards the infantile; why not just take it there and dress everyone as actual infants?

As the above video shows, Scott's soundtrack was comprised entirely by tracks from Sophie, the young "mysterious" British male producer whose trademark is textural, blippy production and his own vocals shifted and sped up to sound like that of a tween girl. (He's also mostly responsible for the new Madonna song I can't stop jamming to, "Bitch I'm Madonna," also featuring Nicki Minaj and Diplo.) In that sense, the clothes and the tones go perfectly hand-in-hand; it all makes a whole lot more sense if you imagine Jeremy Scott in his studio, zooted to the moon off psychedelics or maybe even molly, listening to Sophie and being like "EUREKA! THIS IS THE LINE I MUST DO!" Actually, imagining that makes me like it all a little better. I will not wear any of it ever, though. (Maybe the tights.)



I have got the perfect girlfriend for him.