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Does Charlie Sheen Abuse Animals, Too?

Illustration for article titled Does Charlie Sheen Abuse Animals, Too?

He's abused drugs, women, and now maybe dogs. Earlier today, Sheen tweeted some pretty nasty things about his ex-wife Denise Richards—with whom, up until now, he's been on good terms—calling her (the mother of two of his children) a whore and a traitor and accused her of kidnapping his two dogs. Apparently, the dogs belonged to Richards before she married Sheen, but he kept the animals. Now TMZ is reporting that Richards—an advocate for homeless pets—removed the dogs from his home after she learned that they were malnourished and neglected. One of the dogs has since died of malnutrition, and Charlie is insisting that she give the other one back to him so he can use it as "a mascot on his tour bus."


Denise Richards to Charlie Sheen: Pug You! [TMZ]

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I hope Charlie understands that one day his kids are going to grow up to read the extensive and callous things he said about their mom.

Sadly, this may just be a vivid demonstration about the difference between not understanding and plain ol' not giving a fuck.