DoD To Jamie Leigh Jones: You're On Your Own, Sweetie

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Jamie Leigh Jones, the administrative assistant for former Halliburton subsidiary KBR who says she was brutally gang raped and then locked in a small trailer by her KBR co-workers while working in Iraq, will not be getting any support from the Department of Defense regarding her attempt to sue KBR in civil court. Yesterday, the office of DoD Inspector General Claude Kicklighter has released the following statement to Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who is working on behalf of Jones: "[T]he U.S. Justice Department has issued a statement that they are investigating the allegations. No further investigation by this agency into the allegations made by [Jones] is warranted." Nelson's office, as well as Jones's lawyers, are predictably unsatisfied with this. Kicklighter's office did, however, say the were willing to investigate certain aspects of Jones's case, like the "whether and why" of an Army doctor giving Jamie's rape kit back to her bosses at KBR instead of holding the evidence.


(Kicklighter's cronies say that the rape kit eventually ended up with State Department officials, though apparently not until after KBR had ample time to tamper with it. ABC News attempted to get to the bottom of the kit's whereabouts, but "An Army spokesman referred questions about the rape kit to the State Department, which declined to provide new information on the case.")

KBR still says that "the safety and security of all employees remains KBR's top priority." A commenter on ABC News' website sums up the situation pretty succinctly: "This 'alleged' rape happened on US Army turf. The Department of Defense should have a boot half way up someone's keister by now."

Pentagon Won't Probe KBR Rape Charges [ABC News]

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