Documentarian Tries but Does Not Quite Succeed at Justifying Pedophilia

"Are All Men Pedophiles?" asks a new documentary by that title. Jan-Willem Breure, the 23-year-old Dutch filmmaker behind the project, seems to want the answer to be yes, but judging from what he told Buzzfeed, he's not really comfortable saying so in plain words.


The basic gist of the documentary is this:

Specifically, the film advances the claim (with the help of guest experts like a neuroscientist, a psychologist, and a model scout) that all men are "hebephiles" - that is, attracted to teenagers. It argues that we need to make a distinction between hebephiles and true pedophiles, who are attracted to prepubescent children.


Making the movie, he said, taught him that "there is a difference between the public definition and the real definition of pedophilia" - the public definition includes attraction to teens, while the "real" definition excludes this. He hopes that the film will teach everyone the difference between pedophilia and hebephilia, and perhaps lessen the "media hype" around pedophilia, which he says has made fathers fear showing affection for their own children.

If Breure was analyzing the meaning of age-of-consent laws, his plight would make more sense. But, as Buzzfeed points out, he doesn't have a political agenda. He just thinks that teenage girls are hot, and he doesn't want you to think that's gross, okay?

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He also hides behind dubious statements and tricks instead of just making a straightforward point. For example, one poster for the movie has the tagline, "Do you find me attractive?" over a 14-year-old girl. But we have no idea how old the girl really is; she could be at least 25, for all we know. Breure says he chose a young girl "to confront people with the issue" because "For the general guy ... she is attractive. But the next question is, if you find her attractive, is that or is that not pedophilia?" But is it really pedophilia, or even hebephilia, if she looks like a woman?

Breure also argues that the existence of the Lolita community proves that people are into teenage girls. This has pissed off actual Lolita enthusiasts, who say the community is really about fashion and self-expression, not lusting after little girls.


Visit Buzzfeed to read more about the movie, or keep an eye out for Breure's next film, which he says will be about incest. Of course.

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I realize this isn't entirely about Lolita but I just want to mention how much I despise that book and how absolutely awful it, how she is literally an object and NOTHING MORE, and yet people love it and glamorize it. That is not okay.

And on this piece, what bothers me is (not surprisingly) the entitlement. Okay, so you think a teenage girl is hot. But guess what? Just because your dick likes her doesn't mean you get to have her. Why do so many men not understand this.