Doctors Say Getting An IUD Should Involve A Sonogram

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In a study of women who became pregnant while using an IUD, researchers found that the device was in the wrong position in more than half of the cases. "Gynecologists typically do a pelvic and speculum exam after placing an IUD, but there's no sonogram involved," said lead author Dr. Elysia Moschos. The researchers said the failure rate could be reduced if doctors checked the IUD's position using a sonogram after insertion, and during annual exams.



I got a copper IUD about a month ago and I'm not going to lie - it's pretty miserable. I never had cramping. I have cramping all the time now, even when I don't have my period. Sex sometimes hurts and even if it's just in my head, sometimes I'm convinced I can "feel" it. I spot frequently. The insertion made me scream and cry so loudly other patients looked at me with horror when I finally made it back to the waiting room, sobbing. I can't do hormonal birth control but I'm not sure I'd do this all over again. It's not fun.

I'm definitely going to call my doctor immediately and ask for a sonogram because, after reading people's experiences below, this doesn't seem normal or right. But one was not offered during insertion and I didn't know to ask.

Of course, your milage with all of the above may vary.