Do you want the ads for the crap that you buy to be more female-friendly? Well you're in luck! An ad agency called Womenkind just opened its doors in New York City, and its goal is to "use a network of women to conceptualize and execute ads designed to appeal to females." Apparently 85% of all brand purchases are made by women, even though women aren't influenced by "traditional brand messages." Womenkind is calling its freelance staff "mavens" and its handpicked focus groups "muses.' This all sounds like unfortunately fruity business-speak b.s., but at least the company plans to employ a mostly female staff and to give 5% of its profits to help disadvantaged women. [AdWeek]


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Women don't respond to traditional brand marketing. They respond to "Oh my God! Are those Manolos?"

I personally think (ha ha, just saying that to piss off all the grammar police) that American women respond more to brands that they see other women using and admiring either in real life or television and movies.