I have herpes. I've written about it on the internet before, and that fact comes back to bite me in the ass way more frequently than any blisters do. But it's somewhat of a relief that it's out there, because I feel less of a burden of having to tell new people I bang, since these days, the people I sleep with tend to have read up on my sexual history. But I never used to tell people, mainly because I only ever had that one outbreak, so it just didn't really seem like a part of my life. I was with my last boyfriend for a few years and we never wore condoms and he never broke out in blisters. (I also never told him about having herpes until like right before we broke up, after we hadn't slept together for a few months.) But I wonder if anyone tells the people they're sleeping with about their past or presently-dormant STDs. Let's figure it out by taking the poll after the jump!


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