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A new study looks at the apparently complex links between cigarette smoking, alcoholism and cravings for sweets in women. On one hand, cigarette smoking makes you less sensitive to sweets, probably because it basically detonates your taste buds. On the other hand, people with a family history of alcoholism are more likely to crave sweets. And alcohol and cigarette use has, in almost every field study I have conducted over the past fifteen years, shown patterns suggesting a positive correlation as well. But! I almost never eat sweets anymore. I hate juice and girly drinks and chocolate that's less than 85% cocoa. It's weird, because it's Halloween, so every trip to buy cigarettes triggers memories of candy corn and Whoppers and Sugar Daddies and brownies rendered even more unhealthy by having been baked with sweetened condensed milk. (OMG, sweetened condensed milk!)


Which leads to memories of: cotton candy, eating frosting straight from the jar, the way my grandpa would help me get around my mom's "no sugar cereal" policy by adding maraschino cherries to my Cheerios...

SO GROSS, right? And that's when it all becomes obvious: some people are just genetically predisposed to love shit that they know is bad for them, and I am one of them, and so are you. And while it's still too premature to say, I have heard that "disbelieving the nutrition information on the packaging of something healthy if it actually tastes good i.e. those Macro-Vegan soba noodles" is another genetic trait that is showing indications of appearing on the same chromosome!


Family History Of Alcoholism Linked To Cravings For Sweets Among Women [Science Daily]

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I started smoking at 16, right before I started drinking. I've quit smoking probably 10 times - once for about a year - and right now am down to 1 before work, 1 after work, maybe 1 during the workday if it's particularly crappy, and none on the weekend unless I go out. But if I'm drinking, which happens maybe once every week or two, all bets are off. Not sure why I can't just stop entirely. I guess part of me still loves me a Marlboro.

I'd always had a wicked sweet tooth, but lately I'm craving salty stuff (particularly salt & vinegar chips). Of the two bags of Halloween candy I bought 3 weeks ago, 1 is gone and 1 is untouched. As I've gotten older, my sweet tooth and my propensity for drinking large quantities of alcohol have definitely waned.