Do you know Dr. Sandra Pertot? Because she knows you — she knows all about you and your lame-ass sex life. She says, "Just like some people will never be able to become a Hollywood actor, some people won't be able to have hot sex - so why do sex therapists say they can?" Oh, snap! She basically tells The Sun that all those stupid sex books are full of shit, which we agree with, and her book is different, which we don't know about yet. But we like her attitude. "Some books say things like: 'Send your partner a sexy email during the day'. For some people that might be sexy, for others that might be downright annoying or embarrassing," she says. Damn straight! She's identified 10 different types of libido. There's the sensual, compulsive, detached, disinterested, stressed, entitled, reactive, addictive, dependent, erotic, and sensual. She forgot grumpy, drunky and PMSy, but we like where she's going with this. [The Sun]