Do You Keep Underwear In Your Purse?

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Apparently a lot of British ladies do! A survey (conducted, it must be said, by the possibly biased lingerie buyers at the department store Sainsbury's) found that 43% of single women "carry an extra pair of sexy underwear in their handbags, in case a date is successful." This seems really high to us — couldn't you just wear sexy underwear on the date, and thus eliminate the risk of whipping it out onto the table along with your wallet?


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I might bring an extra pair of undies, but not a special pair to change into. If I'm not wearing the special pair already, it bodes ill for the dude right up front. And to be blunt, if he's not excited about the prospect of seeing any of my panties, sexy or not, well, there's always a rerun of something I like on, and they sell ice cream past nine pm.

It's all academic for me now, anyway. I asked Mr. Yourestillinadream if he had a preference for me in any kind of underwear, and he said "the naked kind." Winner.