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Do You Have One of Those Fancy Toothbrushes That Mangles Your Face?

Illustration for article titled Do You Have One of Those Fancy Toothbrushes That Mangles Your Face?

How has your day been so far? Did you make it through brushing your teeth this morning without disfiguring yourself? Then you're better off than some unlucky owners of the Spinbrush toothbrush, which the FDA has just issued a warning about. Apparently, they've been chipping people's teeth, cutting up gums, and doing all manner of damage to people's faces. Open wide!


According to the FDA, the battery-operated brushes (which have been sold by both Arm & Hammer and Crest) have parts that have broken off and been, "released into the mouth with great speed, causing broken teeth and presenting a choking hazard." That certainly sounds unpleasant. The offending brushes are sold for both adults and children under a number of different names. The adult brushes have a removable head that has popped off, "exposing metal pieces that have poked users in the cheek and eye areas, causing injuries." Ahh! And the kids models (which come in Spiderman and Thomas & Friends, for maximum psychological scarring) have caused problems like "cut lips, burns from the batteries, and bristles which have fallen off and lodged in a child's tonsils." Well, that should fuel any number of dental nightmares for the next few months, and if you've got one of these terrible contraptions, for God's sake don't put it anywhere near your face.

FDA warns of toothbrushes that mess up your face [MSNBC]

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The RADIUS toothbrush is where it's at. Just went to the dentist yesterday (after a slight 3 year lapse) and DDS said my teeth were surprisingly awesome.