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Do You Cry Because You're Angry, Or Because You're Sad?

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Guess what? Today there was a Daily Mail article we didn't entirely disagree with! The article in question uses Hillary's most recent cry as a jumping off point to discuss the difference between male and female tears. The writer, Carol Sarler, implies that women cry for a number of nuanced reasons, while men mostly weep due to the "basics": "bereavement, heartbreak and Arsenal losing at home." Obviously this is an enormous generalization, but we did a small sampling of Jezebels and Jezeboys, and we found Sarler to be fairly spot on with her assessment! Where she goes off the rails into Daily (Hate) Mail territory is when she says that often women cry in order to manipulate: the oldest derogatory stereotype in the book. Anyway, after the jump, we offer up some of the reasons we weep. The results may surprise you.


The women we surveyed (meaning: ourselves) cried more than the men. Three of us, in fact, are huge weepers who will cry at just about anything, while others tear up at things like photos of Harry Connick, Jr. and his daughter, or the injustices of the world. But: almost all of us cry when we're angry or frustrated and can't express it.


As for the dudes, well, most of them (5 total, one gay) fit the Daily Mail's own assessment: two cry in regards to general bereavement (friend who passed away, sick mom); one says he cries over heartbreak, two weep nostalgically about the good old days, and a whopping four dudes say they well up over cliché sports movies: Rudy, Best of the Best and Stomp the Yard among them.

But you know what? Not one guy said he cries because he is angry. We (Anna and I, that is) think it's because male anger is something that's more culturally encouraged and accepted, while women are never really taught how to express their frustration or disgust in a productive way, instead stuffing such unladylike emotions until they explode into weeping.

Personally, I hate that I cry so much. I don't feel like I have control over my tears, and often they derail real discussion; those little salty rivulets can get in the way of real progress. But what about you? Do you cry because your poll numbers are down? Because your boss just denied you a day off? Because you're marinating in your own hormones? Do you get down on yourself for crying, or, do you subscribe to Dodai's philosophy — "Better out than in," which she admits she might have stolen from Shrek. I'd be curious to know.


Tears Are Every Woman's Most Powerful And Manipulative Weapon, But Can Hillary Weep Her Way To The White House? [Daily Mail]

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@savaro: the blobs lack of interest in ladybugs and butterflies is what devestates me. "Come play!" the world seems to harken unto the Zoloft bubble! But no. He is dejected and alone. He doesn't WANT to be sad, but he doesn't know how to be happy. Oh. Christ. And THEN when he's HAPPY, I lose my shit, because I'm so happy FOR him. Yeah. I'm with you on the sap train.

And I love that "do nice things for others" commercial. It warms this optimistic misanthrope's heart...