An Israeli religious scholar and professor of cognitive psychology is advancing the thesis that the Ten Commandments, the moral foundation of the religious faith that have guided billions and billions of people for thousands of years, were revealed that fateful night on Mt. Sinai because Moses was high. On what? (Wouldn't it have been awesome if it were Ecstasy? wouldn't that make for a great sequel to those hilarious "Religions of the World" T-shirts? Or better yet, one of those signs in bar bathrooms with like the "Zen guide to life" or whatever? I never remember the valuable things I learn from the posters in bar bathrooms. Except the thing about how you "forget 80% of what you learn every day." Anyway.) Anyway! Sooooo, Moses was high. The scholar, Benny Shanon, seems to think he experienced something like his own experiences on ayahuasca, the hallucinogenic brew indigenous to the Amazon beloved by such luminaries as Johnson & Johnson heiress Libet Johnson.

I am wont to believe him, having read the bestselling works of "Economic Hit Man" John Perkins, who clearly thought up his thesis of the world under the influence of ayahuasca. But what does it all mean?


That the Burning Bush was a hallucination, too? (Yes.) That religion is a fraud? (Duh!) That the moral codes we take for granted, chalking up to an amorphous mix of socialization and/or evolutionary biology and/or something resembling an innate human conscience was concocted under the influence of hallucinogens? THAT RELIGION IS LITERALLY THE OPIATE OF ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO POOR FOR ACTUAL OPIATES???? Why yes! I mean, yeah yeah mood-altering substances bear responsibility for much of the world's bar violence/opportunistic adultery/convenience store theft. But, don't all the truly bad things happen at the hands of sober people and/or people newly off their meds? Yes they do. Is it to early for a drink? No it is not.

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