We've seen the lurking wall shadow, the sparkly vamp dildo, the stalker werewolf tee and the creepy felt uterus. Now: Robert Pattinson panties. Have things gotten out of hand?

Ok, the underwear is a one-off joke, and not for sale. But would you be surprised if it was?

I'll admit that firstly, it's been a long time since I've been a big "fan" of anyone or anything. And secondly: Even in high school, I was never really into merchandise. I had a few concert t-shirts, but mostly I liked writing song lyrics in my journal and writing globe-trotting, swoony fanfic for myself and my best friend.


But I've noticed that the business of selling stuff to young women — from Spice Girls Chupa Chups to 'NSync dolls and Hannah Montana backpacks — has exploded since I was younger. And there's no end in sight: They're selling New Moon-inspired jewelry and elegant scoop-neck tees at Nordstrom! I just wonder if these days, being a fan is synonymous with spending money. Because doesn't that suck (heh) the fun out of it?

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