Do These Abs Look Like Challah?

Alexander Skarsård, a man, is starring in the title role of a new Tarzan remake coming this summer. To prepare, he beat his abs in a bowl of hot water with yeast, four eggs, sugar, and salt, then added flour, then kneaded, then mixed ‘em up with a dough hook, then put that on a floured surface and kneaded more, then let ‘em sit for an hour and double in size, then braided ‘em, brushed ‘em with egg, and popped them in the oven at 375 for like 40 mins—because they’re a loaf of challah.


What do you say? Do these abs make you wanna “challah back?”


Chag sameach, ladies!!!

Illustration by Bobby Finger, images via Shutterstock and Jonathan Olley/Warner Bros.

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