Today's 'Thursday Styles' section of the New York Times tries to convince readers that heterosexual, 20-something guys are into fragrance. They say such men belong to "Generation Axe" β€” in other words, "20-something urban men who... do not think that wearing fragrance is somehow unmanly." The story begins at a New York fragrance boutique called Le Labo, where a scent called Rose 31 β€” a men's fragrance! β€” is the bestseller. So! The question is this: Are these 20-something urban men with a penchant for synthetic scents actually straight? Cause honestly, the straight men we know emanate a scent derived not from roses but from armpit sweat and beer. (Not that we have a problem with that!) Take our poll, after the jump.

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Younger, And Faster To Pick Up The Scent [NYT]