Do Smart Women Write Diet Books?

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Running through a recent Psychology Today profile on feminist/Democratic pundit/Fox News talking head Susan Estrich I came across an interesting fact: she once wrote a diet book. What?

Dealing with your weight in a healthy way, as opposed to letting it get in the way of your life—which I did for many years, is a feminist issue. And to get stuck on weight, to be standing in a dressing room with women of every nationality, talking about how much they hate themselves—"I hate my hips, I hate my thighs, I hate my stomach, I hate myself"—is not very feminist. And it sold more copies than any other book I ever wrote.


Um, hm. I looked up the book. Making A Case For Yourself, it's called. The last chapter is called "Why You Need New Underwear." Oh god.

So...why do you need new underwear? Well, you can't really search inside the book. I imagine that feeling confident and sexy and secure in your attractiveness is all part of being a good feminist and it is a lot easier if you have nice underwear, though I have gotten to the point where on the off-chance I get laid I do not really give a shit if I am wearing the giant stained Queen-sized Hanes I bought one morning in desperation at the Chestnut Rite Aid, because, you know, like that guy is really going to become my husband anyway. But wait, I'm off-topic: is there such a thing as a "diet book for smart women"? I know I write about dieting a lot, namely to derive page views from a common dysfunction so many of us have shared, but seriously, a whole book? I promise you that you will lose more weight if you just sit still a minute and read, like, the New York Review Of Books or something. Oh shit, there I start with the dieting advice again.

Susan Estrich On The Battle Of The Sexes [Psychology Today]


@TWSS: The Beck book and Susan Estrich book are the ONLY weight-loss books I have actually every purchased (as opposed to skimming through at B&N). They offer actual good advice, not just some insane food plan.

It's funny you mention this. I just saw her on tv the other night and was wondering whatever happened to that book.