Do People Really Do The "Friends With Benefits" Thing Anymore?

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Have a friend you also fuck but can't commit to? Guess what? The chances of you committing to him (or her) at any point in the future are lower than they might be if you were not friends who were casually fucking without commitment! ! I think this is sort of like the thing where your life expectancy goes up the older you manage to get without dying. But who really does the "friends with benefits" thing after college? Haven't most of us learned that lesson about acquiring drinking buddies instead of fuck buddies? (Um, since most of us seem like pretty good drunks around here?) Because if you fall off the abstinence wagon with a drinking buddy, chances are you won't remember? I surveyed the Jezerati.


And it turns out no one I know really keeps too many fuck buddies on hand anymore. Because sex with a drinking buddy is by definition drunk sex, the act is one of affection, not infatuation, and therefore not that great. "If it does turn out to be great, that's almost scarier; like, hey, I signed up for a one-night stand!" explained a Jezebel. Another Jezebel likes to fuck almost exclusively strangers; another will have one-night stands with buddies that go nowhere; and Jezebel 3 learned her lesson having fuck-buddy relationships with dudes she actually liked. (Ugh: if you're not in college; DON'T DO THIS!) Another of our drinking buddies actually drew up a "contract" before she had sex with a drinking buddy. And it worked! We are trying to get her to scan it in now.

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Friends With Benefits, And Stress Too [NY Times]



Okay, let me just bring up a type of "fuck buddy" that isn't being discussed here. The "I just want to be fuck buddy guy who acts all cuddly and mushy and shit when you're there so you get the wrong impression, end up liking them, then act all, 'why are you getting so attatched?' when they're basically acting like a fucking boyfriend?" guy, yeah, lets talk about that guy!

Terribly sorry, it still pisses me off