Some of us did not own a pair of shoes until we were old enough to walk. And not just teeter, mind you. But full-out walk without a care (or parent around) in the world. Because buying shoes for miniature people who don't walk is dumb. Even more dumb? Buying designer clothes for children who grow faster than a cluster of paparazzi around a panty-less Britney getting out of a car. Really, we believe that until they are old enough to pay for their own clothes they should be swaddled in nothing but hemmed giant trash bags. Clearly, the design teams behind Chloe and Missoni feel differently. And are now designing for children. Unacceptable. More unacceptable? That so clothed, the children don't look that different than the, uh, 15-year old Estonian models who weigh slightly more than our current bags of dirty laundry. More images, after the jump.

[from L to R, an additional look by Chloe, and 2 by Missoni]

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