"Dating down" on the income ladder is apparently a hot new trend for girls because they're so much more educated than dudes these days. I call bullshit on this trend because between the student loans and handbag collections it necessitates, a fancy job just makes a girl poorer, and to that point the New York Times produced Lori Weiss.

So as not to flaunt her own salary, Lori Weiss, a 29-year-old lawyer in Manhattan, has found herself clipping price tags off expensive clothes she buys on shopping binges, or hiding shopping bags in the closet just so men she was dating would not see them lying around and feel threatened by her spending power.


Anyway I consulted Don, the only guy I've ever dated who was financially worse off than I am, and here's his most salient observation about Lori Weiss (pictured above left) to give you an idea of what he thought about all the women who try not to let on to potential suitors the extent of their wealth and fabulousness:

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Anyway, in his inimitable way, Don brought up many good points: