Do Bouncy Breasts Make Women Skip Workouts?

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A researcher at the UK's University of Portsmouth has discovered that 60% of women experience breast pain when exercising, regardless of their cup size, reports the Telegraph. In addition, breasts bounce more than measured in previous studies — up to 8 inches, not only up and down but also side to side and in and out. The survey also finds that breasts move as much during slow jogging as they do at maximum sprint speed. "There really are women who want to do exercise but who don't have the bras to cope," says the researcher, Dr. Joanna Scurr. Scurr is working with bra manufacturers and will present her findings to the British Association of Sport And Exercise's annual conference. As the only Jezebel who wears a damn bra, I can recommend the Last Resort Bra from Title Nine for those whose cups runneth over (left). It's fugly but amazingly effective for my um, quarterly-ish workouts. But I'm looking forward to what Dr. Scurr comes up with! [Telegraph]


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I'm a D Cup and I definitely forgo workouts with lots of bouncing (running, aerobics) because of comfort issues, and if I work out to look better, getting saggy titties along with it makes it seem like a waste of time.