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Do Black Voters Favor Hillary Because They've Been "Oppressed"?

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Another weekend, another barrage of stories by starry-eyed journalists on the all the American constituents who are just left absolutely starry-eyed by Barack Hussein Obama. Last week it was foreign policy wonks, this week it's college student bloggers and, according to Vanity Fair, Julia Roberts. So what's with his poor polling with black voters? Michelle Obama told Mika Brzezinski over the weekend she thinks black voters favor Hillary because "there's always that doubt in the back of the minds of people of color. People who've been oppressed and haven't been given real opportunities. That you never really believe. That you believe that somehow, someone is better than you. You know, deep down inside, you doubt whether you can do it, because that's all you've been told, is 'no, wait.'"


She also said she had faith that eventually "black America will wake up." Now, I am not the most objective observer of the Obamas, and I have also not really been oppressed, and while I would like to think this statement was borne of something other than cynicism, you know what? Maybe I should bow out of the controversy here. Maybe, for once, if I don't know what to think, I shouldn't go running my fucking mouth. Maybe I am not the person to be preaching to you about race relations in America, or the nuances of the decision-making processes of black voters, or how best to re-kickstart the process of unraveling the country's formidably institutionalized racism. Maybe that is one of the reasons I would like to elect a black president. But, you know, to each his own.

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I know a lot of blacks who are supported Barack because , well he is black and the fact he is a real contender jazzes the hell out of them. Those black who are reluctant to lend support, like myself are so for this overwhelming reason: they don't know where he stand. I feel am fairly politically savy (political science major graduate yada yada) and I am not looking for sound bytes or empty campaign slogans but I cannot figure out for the life of me what his platform his. In all fairness though I have not had the time to do a crapload of research either but that is my thing for the other candidates I do have some idea what their key points are (or at least what they pretend for them to be)

In regards to what Michelle said on a larger scale I think she has a big point. Often me and my other Black friends speak of blacks having a lack of esteem on a whole, meaning a lack of confidence that has a group of people they can create, real self sustaining structures and commnunities, so often this is abandoned and our measure of success becomes keeping up with the Jones; or rather mainstream white America.