The first scenes from the Stephenie Meyer edition of the Female Force comic book series have been released, and one reader wrote in to point out that Meyer's cartoon body doesn't exactly represent her actual figure.

"Why is Stephenie Meyers [sic] drawn so skinny in the upcoming Female Force biography of her life?" our reader asks, "The woman is plus sized for goodness sakes! Strange choice for a series meant to inspire girls." I'm not quite sure what to think of this, to be honest, as my first instinct was "well, yeah, but it's a comic book," followed quickly by, "but does that make it okay?"

There is something a bit off about presenting a comic book meant to celebrate women and inspire girls wherein the heroine's body is presented in a somewhat dishonest manner, and the message being sent does seem to be, on some level, that we even need to airbrush and PhotoShop cartoon images of famous women in order to make them presentable for audiences. Still, I'm not quite sure what to make of all this. What do you think, commenters?

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