Dita Von Teese Wants To Give Our Breasts A Lift

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  • Dita von Teese is collaborating with Wonderbra on a lingerie collection to be called — so original! — Wonderbra by Dita von Teese. Um, what would Dita von Teese know about needing a Wonderbra? [Vogue UK]
  • BBC reporter Jeremy Paxman, no stranger to calling attention to the pressing news stories of our time, is currently shifting the focus to the problem of...men's underwear. A letter he wrote to Marks & Spencer CEO Stuart Rose was printed in today's Times of London: "Like very large numbers of men in this country I have always bought my socks and pants [that's Britspeak for underwear, FYI] at Marks & Sparks...I have noticed that something very troubling has happened. There's no other way to put this. Their pants no longer provide adequate support." [Vogue UK]
  • Scary: Designer Vivienne Tam has designed Mickey and Minnie Mouse new costumes for the Chinese New Year celebration at Disney China. Scarier: Replicas of the outfits are on sale in Tam's retail stores. [AP]
  • Katie Couric's style tips for how to not look old: "Number one, shorten your skirt. Right where the knee melts into the lower leg is the perfect length; if it's too long, it's very mumsy. Number two, change from a dark burgundy lipstick to a pink. It's the easiest thing you can do. And number three, have great skin. The better the skin, the less make-up you need, and there's no need to pile on the foundation." Um, have great skin. What a great beauty tip! Up there with "avoid being born to someone with bad genes." [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Ooooh: our favorite accessories brand we can't afford, Loeffler Randall, is debuting a swimwear line. Good thing we do not wear bathing suits! [WWD]
  • Are women rejecting cheap shoes? [Independent]
  • Nahhh, probably not. [LATimes]
  • Where's the best place for a designer to open up a flagship boutique in Amsterdam? The red light district, of course. [Reuters]
  • All this "feed the malnourished models" outrage and Erin O'Connor still thinks she is fat. [Independent]
  • We think granny panties are actually sort of sexy, so fuck you. [Sassybella]
  • "Little girls hear 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T' and don't know that it isn't an 'American Idol' song." Sigh. [LA Times]

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In re: Flagship Boutiques in the Red Light District of Amsterdam:

I was in Amsterdam at the beginning of December (I've got family there and, full discolsure, I love weed), and staying down on the Haarlemmerstraat near Centraal Station. I was there mostly on my own (some college friends were staying in Leiden, and came into the city during the day to hang out), and did a lot of random wandering type walking (which, btw: if you wander around Amsterdamn for about 2 hours you will find at least 10 of the most amazing used book stores in the world, swear). On the fourth day I was there, in the early evening, I was wandering aimlessly through the Red Light District, took a right turn down BBW alley (again: swear! These little rooms all have BBW for your bootylicious desires), took another random right turn and suddenly found myself walking past the Stanley Donwood store. For those of you who don't know, Stanley Donwood is an artist, probably most famous for doing just about all the album/promotional/just for kicks art for Radiohead since 1995. His stuff is BEAUTIFUL, and here was his flagship store(!) selling his art, his clothing (who knew?), and some assorted Radiohead merch in a very upscale-looking boutique.

Granted, this was also just around the corner from the Spui, but everything in Amsterdam is just around the corner from everything else (seriously). So... hooray for hookers and handbags!