Disturbingly Tan Mom Arrested After 5-Year-Old Daughter Gets Sunburn

44-year-old Patricia Krentcil was arrested and charged with child endangerment after her 5-year-old daughter was spotted at school with a sunburn. Apparently the little girl told classmates she "went tanning with Mommy." But Krentcil insists that the kid wasn't in the tanning booth:

"It's like taking your daughter to go food shopping," she told NBC 4 New York at her Nutley, N.J. home after being released on $25,000 bail. "There's tons of moms that bring their children in."

"I tan, she doesn't tan," she continued. "I'm in the booth, she's in the room. That's all there is to it."


Krentcil claims her daughter got burned the old-fashioned way: From being in the sun. She's been released on $25,000 bail.

Blah blah blah OMFG HER FACE.

New Jersey mom arrested after allegedly taking daughter, 5, into tanning booth [NBC New York]

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