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Disney's First Black Princess Is A Little Green

Illustration for article titled Disneys First Black Princess Is A Little Green

The new trailer for Disney's The Princess And The Frog seems to have major spoiler in it. Spoilery reviews at the link, too, if you're interested. Clip behind jump. [Ain't It Cool]


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Ariel is the most offensive story I have ever come across. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone likes it. Basically, the unsubtle message of the story is that if you are a female, it is fitting to change who you are and leave everyone and everything you love behind for a guy that you saw once, and who fell in love with you only when you were mute. And if you are a guy, you don't have to change at all.

I just don't get how this story line is ok.

And so now, Disney will pat itself on the back for having a "black princess" who will be portrated as a frog for the entire movie.