Disneyland to Be Overrun by Terrifying Goatees, Mustaches, Beards

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Who says Disney isn't a hip company? Yesterday they announced that they are totally going to chill out and let employees of their amusement parks have beards and goatees. This loosening of their notoriously strict grooming regulations comes as welcome news to Disney's cast members, as they call their employees. As one of them put it, "I think that a little bit of individuality between the cast members is not a bad thing. I think that people can have facial hair and still be beautiful, clean cut and wholesome."


Rest assured, it's not like these guys will be sporting hippie beards. Disney's Look Handbook requires that facial hair "be well groomed and can be no longer than a quarter of an inch." Well, that rules out Disney hiring Jesus for any personal appearances! Still, one man, Derick Workman, who was visiting Disney World with his family from Texas, was not happy to hear about the new policy, "The clean look makes them more approachable and less scary for the kids, and it's a better example as well." Well, it's official. Mickey Mouse gets a goatee and the whole (Disney) world goes to hell in a handbasket.

Disney OKs Facial Hair For Cast Members [WESH]

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If your kid is scared of somebody with facial hair then they may have some issues....