Disney Flower Girl Dresses: For Little Girls Who Still Believe In Fairy Princesses

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The reign of terror of Disney Bridal continues! And while this is the second season the line has presented looks for brides and their maids, this is the first time they've offered up looks for flower girls, too. We say if you want your flower girl to look like a Disney princess, just go to your favorite local party store right after Halloween and pick up some costumes on clearance. But that's just us. Fairy princess looks for a demographic that still believes in fairy princesses, after the jump.



Verdict: If you can't have fins, there's always tiers?


Verdict: The website says that the flower detailing at the waist is in reference to Belle's "generous spirit." We still don't get it.



Verdict: Cinderella. Full skirts. We get it.



Verdict: What would Edward Said say about the Jasmine looks having "unique" necklines? Probably that same ol' thing about the romanticization of the Other for consumption by the West.

Sleeping Beauty:


Verdict: Apparently Sleeping Beauty likes bows.

Snow White:


Verdict: If you're gonna be in a glass coffin, you might as well accessorize with some tulle and ruching.

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Those kids look like pageant kids. That ain't right.

As for the dresses, eh . . . I don't like kids in weddings. This is probably just leftover bitterness from when my aunt asked my sister to be a flower girl and not me. Even though we were a few years apart and my grandma was making the dresses. Biznatch could have had two flower girls. I was jealous almost to the point of murder that my sister got to carry a bouquet and I didn't. So I cried throughout the ceremony. I think I was only 3 or 4.