Disgraced Glamour dating blogger Mike Cherico is back in the news. He is looking for an agent to sell a book "about the rise and fall of a dating blogger." Because, not to rile up the simile pedantocracy, but being a shithead to girls and writing about it on the internet really is sort of like the Third Reich of our age. If you missed the saga, you can read the testimonial of the woman who blew the whistle on Cherico's genocidally bad manners here. (Fun fact: she scored 1500 on her SATs!) Cherico's predecessor, Alyssa Shelasky had this to say about him: "I think we had one proper date. It consisted of him drinking 15 margaritas and me paying the bill." Cherico has been replaced at Glamour by a coalition government of one male and one female blogger. Please read their efforts so we don't have to. [NY Times]

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I think anyone man that buys his book should have his name published so that other women can avoid him.

Calling this guy a db is too good for him.